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Top tips for home study

As several year groups begin assessments, here are some tips for successful study: 

1.  A study room should be quiet, not too hot or cold.
2.  Make sure there is plenty of light, preferably natural light.
3.  Have all your study equipment ready before you start.
4.  Don't sit too close to a window - it can be distracting.
5.  Don't study with the TV on - it will be distracting.
6.  If you don't like complete silence, quiet (instrumental) music or background sounds can be soothing.
7.  Have a set place to study. It will quickly get you in the 'study mood'. 
8.  However, some study can be done practically anywhere - on a bus, waiting in a queue...
9.  There are always quiet places to study at school if needed.

1.  Make a revision planner of what you are going to study each day and week.
2.  Pin it up where you can see it.
3.  Plan breaks into your timetable.
4.  Set yourself limits, e.g. "I will revise that topic by ..."
5.  Set yourself a target for revision each day.
6.  Study more difficult topics first and don't over-revise your favourite topics.
7.  Make sure exam dates are written on your planner.