Lichfield Cathedral School

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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership is not reserved for adults; leadership opportunities come in various shapes and sizes for all ages and abilities. Student leadership is important at LCS. By taking leadership roles within School, children learn to have control of their lives and the ability to make things happen.

Developing leadership skills starts in Pre-School as pupils learn how to communicate, negotiate, listen, persevere, solve problems and cooperate. We teach pupils to look for opportunities to exercise leadership – Does a friend or teacher need help? Does an area of the school need attention?

As students mature as leaders, they naturally gain more independence in both their social and academic lives. By assuming responsibility, they demonstrate a willingness to help others, to listen empathetically and to make sound decisions. Becoming leaders themselves shows students that a leader is not only in a person in charge of a group, but someone who can lead quietly by example, whether it be on a sports team, or by doing the right thing when others are looking and, more importantly, when others are not. 

Student leadership encompasses learning to:

  • Take responsibility for oneself which includes developing independence academically and personally

  • Taking care of their individual workspace, classroom and campus

  • Helping each other through the learning process

  • Having a positive mindset

  • Developing a voice

  • Stretching beyond themselves to help others

It is our firm belief that all pupils and students are leaders, but their roles and responsibilities vary. As one of our core values, leadership is ingrained in almost everything we do – in the classroom, on the sports field, in Forest School lessons, in our musical productions, during Cathedral assemblies and services, on educational trips and residential visits and when taking part in our outreach programmes. Some roles are formalised, others arise during the school day – all are valued and important. Here is a small selection of the many roles available at LCS: 

  •  Form Captains and Vice-Captains
  • Senior Prefects

  • Heads and Deputy Heads of School

  • Head and Deputy Head Choristers

  • Sacristan and Chapel Stewards

  • Librarians

  •  Sports Team Captains
  • Mentors

  • Tour Ambassadors for prospective parents

  • Subject Ambassadors

  • Student Council

Ethical Leadership Programme

To recognise the many wonderful achievements of our pupils, we developed the Ethical Leadership Programme, known as ‘Being a Good Person’ to our younger pupils. From their first day and throughout their time at LCS, pupils build a portfolio of evidence towards their ELP qualification. There are multiple opportunities to practice leadership within School, but this unique programme also considers activities and achievements outside School.

Young Singing Leaders

The LCS Young Singing Leaders programme helps pupils to learn how to inspire others and critically assess their own effectiveness, as they work towards leading a choir. Developing skills in decision-making, persuasion and problem-solving, and character traits such as resilience and courage, this programme has proved to be incredibly rewarding with pupils from Year 5 upwards.

Sport Leadership Award

This is a great introduction into transferable leadership skills, giving pupils knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities that can be used as part of school teams, after school clubs, community clubs or sports club sessions. The programmes help pupils to develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping to build confidence and self-esteem as they take on the responsibility of leading their peers and younger children. Younger pupils can take part in programmes leading to an award; older students can work towards gaining Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications through a nationally-recognised awarding body.