Lichfield Cathedral School

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The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) offer practical communication and performance training and assessments to encourage each learner to develop the skills to succeed in life by expressing themselves effectively and confidently navigating diverse social and professional contexts.

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest (130+ years) and most respected awarding bodies and its qualifications are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. For this reason, some students have LAMDA lessons, but do not seek a qualification, they simply benefit from the training to gain confidence.

Outstanding results

Our results in LAMDA examinations are superb: during 2023-2024, every result across the whole school (Years 2 to 13) was either a Merit (29%) of grades or a Distinction (71% of grades).

The University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) recognises LAMDA’s Level 3 qualifications, meaning that they carry UCAS points.  For example, students Zephan (Year 11) and Bailey (Year 12) have recently achieved Gold Medal grades in Acting and Public Speaking, earning them both 60 UCAS points each, which they can use when applying for Higher Education.

How it works

Each lesson focuses on:

  • Developing the ability to read easily and fluently, expand vocabulary and improve self-expression.

  • Building confidence in speaking and listening; learning to memorise and recall information.

  • Learning how to create and deliver formal presentations and engage in informal conversation.

  • Improving deportment alongside speech; emphasizing the necessity for good manners and self-discipline.

  • Maintaining eye contact.

  • Improving clarity of voice and diction and developing voice projection.

  • Using appropriate facial expressions and bringing words to life. 


The following subjects are included in the LAMDA syllabus:

  •  Acting
  • Devising Drama

  • Miming

  • Solo/Duo Musical Theatre

  •  Speaking Verse and Prose
  • Reading for Performance

  • Speaking in Public

  • Sight reading both verse and prose

LAMDA lessons are delivered weekly during school hours in the same way that music lessons operate with peripatetic music teachers. Pupils may be withdrawn from the classroom, but they will not miss the same lesson each week.  Where possible, for senior students, lessons are held outside of lesson time.