Lichfield Cathedral School

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Aims & Ethos

Our mission is to be a nationally recognised school that serves its local area by creating an inclusive school community devoted to Christian ideals of learning, raising the aspirations of each of its members and fulfilling their potential in body, mind and spirit.

Lichfield Cathedral School is a flourishing community based on the values of learning, faith, leadership and service, whose purpose is to serve the interests of all our pupils. 

 4 Core Values

Here every child matters and our pupils have, both individually and collectively, a real sense of pride in their school. Excellent teaching and learning lies at the heart of all we do, as does the responsibility for pupils and staff to be good citizens in our local, national and global communities.

The School’s educational philosophy is rooted in an understanding that each pupil has different talents and distinct qualities. Our primary focus is to nurture these talents, instil a love of learning and educate in the broadest possible sense. We offer a wide range of opportunity. Every pupil is encouraged to choose their own pathway, informed by his or her interests and ambitions. They are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability, academically as well as outside the classroom.

"The pupils develop an excellent understanding and appreciation of the spiritual and non-material aspects of life. This is due to the many opportunities taken by the school to encourage them to take time to reflect on the world about them. Pupils of all ages described how they feel uplifted by the beauty of the cathedral and the sense of wonder in the simplest things, such as spotting the peregrine falcon that lives on the cathedral tower."

"Pupils have a very well-developed sense of responsibility, rights and compassion and they display excellent reasoning skills when discussing issues of morality."

"During the inspection it was observed that pupils are kind to each other, show respect to visitors and are extremely well-mannered. A respect for others of different genders, sexual orientation, race and abilities is ingrained in the pupils."

"From the moment they join the school, pupils make rapid progress in developing their self-confidence, resilience, self-discipline and other personal skills. Within the school, pupils show a distinctive degree of self-confidence; they are comfortable in themselves as they are trying to be the best that they can be, rather than comparing themselves to others."

ISI Inspection Report 2022