Scholarships & Bursaries


Each year a limited number of scholarships are awarded to pupils who are capable of extremely high levels of achievement and who will make, or are currently making, a significant contribution to the life of the School. Scholarships are available for academic, music, art, drama and sporting excellence up to 10% remission of tuition fees. It is possible to hold more than one scholarship, but the total remission of tuition fees will not exceed 20%. Normally scholarships apply to pupils at 11+ (for entry into Year 7), 13+ (for entry into Year 9) and 16+ (for entry into the Sixth Form). Choral scholarships are available for boy and girl choristers.

Assessments for Scholarships starting from September 2018 will take place on Saturday 11th November 2017.  Contact the Admissions team on 01543 306168 to register your child for an assessment.


Academic Scholarships are made on the basis of performance in a competitive exam, assessment of recent academic achievement (via current school report) and an interview with the Head Teacher. All three elements are taken into account and are given equal weighting.


Award of a Music Scholarship is by audition and interview with the Director of Music. References will also be required. The minimum standards usually required are:

Age Main Study Theory Secondary Study
11+ Grade 4 ABRSM Grade 3 Open standard
13+ Grade 6 ABRSM Grade 5 Open standard
16+ Grade 8 ABRSM Grade 7 Open standard


Art Scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding artistic ability and commitment to the subject.  The applicant must provide a portfolio of artwork showing his/her artistic development over a period of years, which will be discussed at interview with the Head of Art & Design. Applicants will also undertake a timed practical exercise.  References should be provided from the current Art teacher and/or Headteacher.


Drama Scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding performance skills and commitment to the subject.  The applicant must provide a portfolio of work showing his/her development over a period of years, which will be discussed at interview. Candidates will also take part in a workshop session involving both a prepared piece and improvised exercises. References should be provided from the current Drama teacher and/or Headteacher, and any relevant external coaches.


Sports scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding sporting ability. The applicant must be able to demonstrate proficiency in both traditional team games as well as individual activities. The pupil must provide a portfolio of evidence showing his/her sporting development over a period of years, which will be discussed at interview with the Head of Sport. References will also be required from the applicant’s current school and any external coaches. The minimum entry requirement would be to have played sport at either District or County level. However, exceptional performance at either Preparatory or Primary school may be sufficient to qualify. On receipt of a sports scholarship, there will be an expectation to take part in fixtures, attend extra-curricular activities and to play a leading role in the development of sport in school.

In a situation in which the son or daughter of a member of staff at the school, or of the school’s governing body, is competing for an award, an independent adjudicator will be brought in to ensure that the school is being fair to all parties concerned.  In some cases, where a scholarship has not been awarded, an Exhibition may be offered.

If you have any questions or wish to apply for a scholarship, please contact the Admissions Team on 01543 306168 or download, complete and return the relevant form below:


A limited number of means-tested bursaries are available each year. In circumstances of exceptional need, a 100% bursary can be awarded. A prospective pupil must have been offered a place at the school before an application for a bursary can be considered. Applications for bursaries need to be submitted by the end of February in the year before entry.  The deadline for applications for a bursary starting in September 2018 is Wednesday 28th February 2018.  More information is available from the Bursar on 01543 306172.

Clergy and Armed Forces Bursaries

Sons and daughters of clergy may be eligible for a 10% remission of school fees. Children of members of the British Armed Forces and children of British civilian personnel employed by the Armed Forces may be eligible for a 50% bursary.  Please contact the Bursar on 01543 306172 for details.

Reduction for siblings

A 5% reduction on tuition fees is given for the second child in a family to attend the school, rising to 7.5% for the third child and 10% for the fourth and subsequent children. This reduction applies when all children are in attendance as fee-paying pupils at the same time.

Please read the Means-Tested Bursaries and Scholarships Policy below for more information.

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