Music Technology


GCSE Music is not a prerequisite; however it is essential that students have an understanding and appreciation of music.

From A Level, students could progress by studying music technology at degree level.  Careers in music which could be considered include: professional technician, TV and radio, journalism, arts administration, teaching, promotion and marketing.

Course Content

Music Technology Portfolio 1

  • Students create an audio CD containing 3 tracks of work: Sequenced Realised Performance, Multi-track Recording and Creative Sequenced Arrangement.

Listening and Analysing

  • Students study the styles most common in popular music from 1910 to the present day. 
  • Two special focus styles are selected for more in-depth study.

Music Technology Portfolio 2

  • Builds on Unit 1, and extends to a composition task.

Analysing and Producing

  • Students expected to demonstrate their knowledge of music and the principles of music technology through a series of written commentaries, manipulations and production tasks using material provided.

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