Educational Visits


“From the earliest age, the curriculum and co-curriculum is supported and enriched by stimulating educational visits and visitors capturing the pupils’ imaginations and engaging them in their learning. Senior school pupils are greatly appreciative of the opportunities provided to participate in international visits and tours, which enhance their learning and personal skills.”
ISI Inspection Report 2016

Learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning within the classroom. Students get more from their education if their experiences are active ones. Educational visits are a vital component of the total curriculum at Lichfield Cathedral School, and all students have the opportunity to enrich and embed their understanding and learning beyond the classroom.

Exposure to extraordinary opportunities help to develop our pupils into balanced, interesting human beings displaying self-confidence without arrogance: individuals ready to take their places as leaders and contributors in society.

Most of our trips are educational visits and modern foreign language exchanges that link with the academic curriculum. However, many are co-curricular trips linked with specific areas such as sport, music and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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