Be a Chorister for a Day


Next free Singing Workshop: Saturday 20 January 2018

Singing tuition - Learn about choral music - Sing in Lichfield Cathedral

Sacred choral music transcends individual lives by continuing an ancient tradition of liturgical song stretching back centuries. The sublime harmonies and soaring notes are the very language of the soul, putting the audience within touching distance of something not fully understood, but known to be good.

Our annual Be A Chorister For A Day workshop is fantastic fun, enabling boys and girls to try choral singing, benefit from vocal training and sing in Lichfield Cathedral during a service.

“The material is challenging and it takes tremendous hard work to achieve success, but the effect is more powerful than any other form of communication,” said Ben Lamb, Director of Music at Lichfield Cathedral.

Lichfield Cathedral School is one of 44 members of the Choir Schools’ Association representing schools attached to cathedrals, churches and college chapels in Great Britain and overseas.

“Boy and girl choristers at Lichfield Cathedral are given substantial scholarships, which opens the doors to those for whom the advantages of an independent school education might not otherwise be possible,” said Susan Hannam, Head Teacher.  “Choristers can also apply for bursaries and to other charitable trusts for financial support, therefore the cost of fees is significantly reduced.”

Ben Lamb continued: “The choristers benefit from an extraordinary musical education and are, in a real sense, professional musicians at the age of 12.”

To register for the next Be A Chorister For A Day workshop, contact the Admissions Team on 01543 306168 or download and complete this form:

Lichfield Cathedral School by Numbers

1981 Year school took on the new name ‘Lichfield Cathedral School’
38 Pupils with a surname beginning with W
61 Age of the school tractor
4 Head Boys & Girls